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Reading Recommendations

Mark Rubbo

Mark Rubbo: A supporter of Australian writers

Guided by the voices of the authors he has encountered along the way, Mark Rubbo has revolutionised the way Melburnians buy books, altering the image of independent booksellers across the country.
Melina Marchetta

Melina Marchetta and her “emotional universe”

A welcoming neighbourhood, multidimensional characters, a burgeoning community. With a gentle touch, she seeks to shed light on the darkest corners and cracks of the human experience.
A young Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli with her parents in Adelaide, in 1962. (Photo supplied)

Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli: “Part of a tapestry”

Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli’s life is as vibrant as a tapestry of old: her stories finely interwoven with her strong sense of social justice and her desire to include the ones society tends to forget. 

Beyond eight minutes and forty-six seconds

The flames in Minneapolis, and the desperate protests by millions of people who have been broken by a sick system, are not independent; they have been exacerbated by the Trump Administration since they first began.

“Letters to a young poet”: Art is just a way of living

I feel a sense of unease whilst writing this review. It’s a feeling referred to by the author himself, Rainer Maria Rilke, to explain his view on literary criticism: he blames the young poet Kappus for “looking to the outside”.